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Not only a Label or Managementbureau

We're a family


We rose from the ashes

At Empire Productions, music pulses through our veins, and creativity knows no bounds. We are not just a music label and management bureau; we are architects of musical dreams, building an empire where artists are celebrated, valued, and propelled to greatness.

Our journey began with a revolutionary vision – to create a music label that operates from a fairer perspective, where artists receive the recognition and reward they rightfully deserve. In our empire, we stand together as a family, bound by the shared love for music and a deep-rooted commitment to each other's success.

Through this platform, we invite you, our cherished followers and listeners, to witness the magic we create. From the birth of an idea to the final chord, Empire Productions meticulously crafts a musical experience that transcends boundaries and captivates hearts.

As you explore our website, you'll step into the vibrant world of our talented artists, each with their unique stories and melodies to share. Our passion lies in nurturing talent, and we take pride in providing unwavering support to our artists. We believe that music flourishes when artists are free to express themselves authentically, and that's why we foster an environment where creativity thrives.

From chart-topping hits to soul-stirring ballads, Empire Productions curates a diverse repertoire that caters to every musical taste. Our dedication to excellence and our penchant for pushing the envelope make us a driving force in the music industry.

Beyond the spotlight, we believe in giving back to society. Empire Productions actively supports various charitable initiatives, using the power of music to inspire positive change and create a better world.

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Our Artists


French Afro/ Hiphop King


Captain of Afro

Vitamin P

Lyrical Master

The Artists of the Empire Fam

The Artists of the Empire Fam

The Artists of the Empire Fam
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Luimeno ft. Radar - Feelings (prod. Dagobeatz)

Luimeno ft. Radar - Feelings (prod. Dagobeatz)

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Luimeno - Nobody can

Luimeno - Nobody can

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T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57

1033 WB Amsterdam



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